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Be More Pacific Kitchen and Bar


Giovan Cuchapin and Mark Pascual, the talent behind the city’s ultra-popular Be More Pacific fusion food truck, are bringing authentic Filipino food to Austin. At the new brick-and-mortar spot just off trending Anderson Lane, the team has created a menu inspired by Filipino classics and comfort food, from Shanghai lumpia (pork and shrimp egg rolls served with sweet chile sauce) and ukoy (shrimp fritters with sweet potato and vinegar dipping sauce) to pinakbet (stewed mixed vegetables served over steamed rice) and sisig (sizzling pork bits mixed with serranos and onion and topped with fried egg). Dessert features halo-halo—which translates to mix-mix—a flavor and texture dream of fruit, jellies, flan, evaporated milk, and purple yam (ube) ice cream. The Filipino restaurant teamed with Amy’s Ice Creams to create the specialty ice cream, which gets its vibrant color from ube, a sweet purple yam that is used in many traditional Filipino treats.