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La Volpe


At this chic downtown space La Volpe’s Executive Chef Will Eason blends traditional Italian with ultra-fresh ingredients and Southern flavors including starters such as fried baby artichoke with shaved fennel and limoncello crema; and chicken liver mousse with fried house-made focaccia and pickled carrot; and entrées like white truffle lasagne with porcini mushrooms; and HeartBrand ribeye with Texas cabernet compound butter. The sexy, illuminated bar welcoming diners emulates the face of a fox (La Volpe means “fox” in Italian)—featuring Italian and Texas wines, craft beers, and handcrafted cocktails infused with fresh herbs and spices. Located in the heart of Austin’s central business district, La Volpe’s the downtown go-to for happy hour Tuesday through Friday, 5pm-6:30pm.