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Round Rock Honey


From field to hive to table, Round Rock Honey is never anything more or less than nature intended it to be. Their honey is the real deal: by pledging to produce true, raw wildflower honey as opposed to varietal honey, Round Rock Honey emphasizes quality in every step of their process. Since their debut in 2002, Round Rock Honey is considered a leading supplier of heirloom-quality honey in Central Texas and is proud to produce a wide range of honey and beeswax-based products such as their classic Raw Wildflower Honey ranging in ½ lb. to 12 lb. bottles, a best-selling Honey Lip Balm, Bourbon Barrel Honey aged in upcycled whiskey barrels, and whole bars of Beeswax Ingot for hobbyists and crafters. Round Rock Honey is so committed to transparency and education that they’ve developed what is now considered the nation’s largest and most celebrated beekeeping school; bee-curious participants are encouraged to don head-to-toe suits and get thorough, hands-on beekeeping experience at any of their classes. Born and raised in Round Rock, Texas, this Greater Austin-area operation now offers its products in its online shop, at nine farmers’ markets all over Texas and in grocery stores and specialty shops across the country.