Channing Wiese

Channing has a knack for collaboration. Exploring new projects and ventures, she identifies and cultivates the worthy partnerships for PBPR and our clients. She has a natural talent for bringing out the best in others and an honest interest in working toward shared success. Channing has broad experience in communications and marketing positions. Her breadth ranges from over-seeing investor relations and public relations for a publicly traded company, and most recently, the day-to-day management of one of the most senior elected officials in Texas. She’s developed and honed a skill for collaborating with diverse groups of stakeholders while improving processes and working on detailed assignments under tight deadlines. Channing attended the former Austin Culinary School. Her love of the culinary arts continues to this day, to the delight of her family and friends who are the recipients of the fruits of her labor. Passionate and motivated, Channing shares her numerous connections in Austin to build strong relationships, unique collaborations and lasting partnerships for our clients.