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PBPR continues to embrace new and distinct ways of elevating the presence of its clients. Through our curated network of editors, producers, freelancers and industry influencers, we create thoughtful messaging and imagery that will consistently distinguish you in the media market and beyond.


PBPR's influencer network provides real-time messaging to key journalists and producers, as well as the greater masses. We safeguard you and make certain all messaging is concise, consistent and on brand. With a discerning eye for style and brand image, our social seeding tactics showcase all of our clients on a variety of social platforms, continually engaging new audiences and ensuring brand loyalty.


Our ability to identify invaluable relationships and worthy partners opens the door to lasting connections. Our affiliations with hospitality and culinary groups, nonprofits, business and civic organizations, and professional associations, as well as our alliances with many of Austin’s key influencers and decision makers, has positioned PBPR as the go-to contact for invaluable collaborations.


PBPR has a history of serious parties. Whether a media event, book signing, special guest appearance, restaurant opening or culinary festival, our creative and experiential tactics build anticipation and never disappoint. From guest list to event day, we are right beside you, providing the details you don't want to miss and invaluable resources that save time and money.


PBPR carefully crafts the plan. We bring to life every client through a series of time-sensitive activities that will ensure consistent exposure and long-term sustainability . We think about stories we can tell, events can we throw and partnerships we can make, that will make the you stand out and be heard. Then we put it all together and do it.